Smoke-Free Success: 3 Musicians Who Quit Smoking & How

For many decades, smoking was one of the many vices that were pervasive in the music scene. Everybody smoked, many unaware of the impact it could have not only on their voices but on their overall health. Fortunately, our modern musicians are far more health conscious and so have made the smart choice to quit smoking entirely. Still, it isn’t easy and so even they have had to find ways to make the process easier! Here, we’ve taken a look at three musicians who quit smoking and how they managed it.

Adele Chose Hypnotherapy to Save Her Voice

Despite having one of the most beautiful voices of the 21st century, Adele would often risk her talents by smoking up to 25 cigarettes a day regularly. The habit was so damaging that, in 2011, the Grammy Award-winning singer lost her voice entirely and was forced to take a long break from her flourishing career to have surgery.

During this time, Adele quit cigarettes entirely in an attempt to save her voice, as well as to improve her health overall. In 2014, she booked a £295 session with famed hypnotist Susan Hepburn, who was based on Harley Street at the time. We’re not sure if the hypnotherapy was the only thing that helped Adele stop but it looks like it certainly helped.

Jack Black Switched Cigarettes For Green Tea

Though Jack Black may be well-known around the world for staring in numerous Hollywood movies, music fans will no doubt know him as a member of Tenacious D. Yes, Black may be a star in films like School of Rock, Shallow Hal and Peter Jackson’s King Kong, but he really shines in the musical duo that is most famous for the song Tribute.

As a Hollywood actor, comedian and rock star, Black had smoked for many years but, when his children were born, he instantly stopped. Apparently, he wanted to avoid exposing his children to second-hand smoke, as well as the impacts of any other vices he held at the time. Instead, Black began drinking Green Tea, which apparently helped him to quit completely.

Avicii Always Preferred Snus Anyway

Back in 2016, Swedish superstar DJ Avicii infamously retired from the world of dance music, stating that the lifestyle was just too much for him to handle. While partying was always a big part of the scene, Avicii had stopped smoking cigarettes long ago instead opting for a popular alternative to smoking in Scandinavia: snus.

“It isn’t really chewing tobacco,” Avicii told SPIN back in 2012. “You don’t have to chew or spit or anything like that. You put it on your upper lip and it doesn’t really drip that much, so it’s kind of like a nicotine patch with tobacco taste. My favourite flavour is called General White.”

Though it is undeniably difficult to quit smoking, especially if it is a large part of your scene as it was for these musicians, it is always possible. Let us know if you have given up smoking and how in the comments below.