Snøskred Share ‘Lexington Hotel’, Announce Debut Album

Empty House  Is Out Feb 19th Via Riot Factory.

Norway’s Snøskred (pronounce the Ø like the i in bird) have announced their debut international album Empty House, due for release on February 19th via Riot Factory. They’ve also shared the second track to be released from the record, titled ‘Lexington Hotel’. The track follows ‘Puzzle’, which was the first track to be released from the album late last year.

“‘Lexington Hotel’ came to me in a dream after a late night viewing of Scarface,” says vocalist Karl Klasie. “I was in the middle of a mobster shakedown and woke up thoroughly confused and sweaty. This album is me waking from a dream about Scarface, about the desolation left behind by the American car industry, about personal stuff that just had to be said out loud, about Doomsday Preppers and bicycle couriers – about lots of things, but everything is connected somehow.”

Empty House tracklist:

1. Motor City
2. Matador
3. Preparations
4. Blurred Out Lights
5. Mirage
6. Lexington Hotel
7. Puzzle
8. Homeless

Empty House artwork:

snoskred lexington hotel

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