So Stressed Share ‘Apple Hill’ On Meredith Graves’ Label

so stressed apple hill

The Unlawful Trade of Greco-Roman Art  Out May 26th Via Honor Press

Sacramento post-hardcore trio So Stressed have shared a new track, ‘Apple Hill’, from their upcoming debut album. The track marks a less abrasive move for the band after the full on hardcore slaughter of the first single from the LP, ‘Merv King and the Phantoms’. Pre-order the record via Honor Press.

The band originally got together as an improvisational noise project, but slowly their thunderous noise was refined into a more streamlined but no less grinding aural assault.

Album artwork:

so stressed apple hill


1. Cupcake Sister
2. Apple Hill
3. Merv King & The Phantoms
4. White Juice
5. Nervous Around Punks
6. Lisps
7. Cinnamon Death
8. Flirting With A Cop
9. Sleep Wave
10. Covered In Hair
11. Burger Brother
12. Needs No Chill

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