Soaked Oats Share ‘Gum 15’ | Overblown Video Premiere

I caught up with the guys from Soaked Oats to talk about their latest single, ‘Gum 15’. Soaked Oats are a four-piece Shoulder-Pop band based in Dunedin NZ who produce a unique summer surf sound. Their latest single follows the debut album, Stoned Fruit Melodies, which comprised of seven tracks, each centered around the core theme of stone fruit, making it an entertaining listen and when listening left me wondering how the idea will be incorporated into the next track. Thoroughly recommended if you’re new to their music.

‘Gum 15’ is the first single off their upcoming EP No Slip Ups. The track is built on rhythmic-led cleanness with timely twangy guitars.

Anyway, here’s what they had to say about their new track and video:

Soaked Oats: This song like a lot of the songs from ‘No Slip Ups’ came from us just jamming – We actively tried to create as a whole band on this EP so did a lot of trips away from Dunedin as a band throughout winter to see what would come of it.

I think this one was written in Dunedin though, We’ve got a phone recording dated April 5th from the attic of us playing around with it for the first time.
I started singing 3000 light years for no reason and it seemed to fit, the rest of the lyrics kind of evolved around that. Really liked how light years could be read in two ways – referencing light travel/speed but also light years as in easy years, glorious naive years that kind of slip by. Only thing I could find that was 3000 light years away was a nebula called gum 15 – essentially a beautiful cloud of dust – so ran with that.

The music video we shot in Naseby (South Island of New Zealand) with our friend Jake Munro along with a couple other solid individuals including my brother Jake Mein who did the photography for the single and EP covers. We filmed it in a few locations around Naseby – an outdoor curling rink, the luge nearby, St Bathans Lake and just around the town. The place fitted beautifully with the song concept and the EP as a whole and we were lucky enough that another good friend of ours Patrick Frame had a house there so we all packed in there for a couple nights and had a good time. Couldn’t have done any of it without the help of a lot of great people! Super duper lucky.

Gum 15 by Soaked Oats is available on their No Slip Ups EP – Visit their bandcamp

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