Someday – ‘THIS DO∄SN’T ∄XIST’ | Overblown Album Premiere

THIS DO∄SN’T ∄XIST is out on February 10th.

It’s a concept album. But not quite like any other concept album we’ve ever heard of. It’s also the debut album of Italian post punk trio Someday. It revolves around the mathematical symbol ‘∄’, which means “It does not exist”. In light of this, the album explores things that no longer exist, never existed, or will never exist. For instance, the propulsive single ‘Last Lesson’ details people or animals that have passed away, while the jagged ‘Maurizio’ explores a life that has lost something essential.

Musically, the album is a bit of a roller coaster taking in the oppressive post punk of Joy Division, the playfulness of The Smiths, and the noise experiments of Sonic Youth. These songs are agitated and brooding, applying a multitude of varied textures that show a band that is well versed in musical history. Of course, Someday don’t rest of the successes on their forebears with their music making confident strides out into areas thus far unexplored. A conceptual and musical journey, Someday’s debut album THIS DO∄SN’T ∄XIST is engrossing and intriguing from beginning to end.

Check out the full album below, and the video for the single ‘Last Lesson’ above.