Sons of Southern Ulster: New Band of the Day #239

sons of southern ulster

Sons of Southern Ulster’s new album Sinners and Lost Souls is out now.

Who: Justinus J. Kelly and David J. Meagher.

What: Post-punk/indie rock

Where: Cavan, Ireland.

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Why: Ireland has a thing about post-punk at the moment as evidenced by the rise of Fontaines D.C. and The Murder Capital. Sons of Southern Ulster are of a slightly older vintage, but that simply imbues their visceral and biting brand of post-punk with an air of authority. ‘Fear My Scorn’, streaming below, is the opening track from their second album Sinners and Lost Souls. An impassioned rant against Irish drinking culture, it is a vital and driving blast that puts much younger bands to shame.

Another highlight on the record is ‘They Say I Live In The Past’, which is a similarly impassioned exploration of nostalgia and the accumulation of guilt and regret. If this all tickles your fancy, make sure to check out the duo’s debut album Foundry Folk Songs. It is equally arresting.

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