Sophie Lillienne – Immigrants – Play It Again, Sam

Sophie Lillienne - Immigrants

Sophie Lillienne is not a real person. It is in fact the name of a trip hop project spearheaded by Italian producer VeZzO. I have no idea what his real name is. Probably Bob. Layers upon layers. It’s like one of those Shakespearean plays that has men playing women dressed up as men dressed up as women. As the project is billed as a collaboration between producers, musicians, singers, and artists from all over Europe, the convulated nature of the name of the project seems oddly fair.

The music also sports multiple layers as “Immigrants” combines reggae and trip hop seamlessly. Reggae’s laid back spirit melds perfectly with trip hop’s downbeat nature and is given an extra edge through the underlying threat that is often present in the best trip hop. More overtly reggae influenced than Massive Attack’s dub leanings, the track jitters and jives through tripped out cityscapes of choir vocals. The perfect companion for night walks through the dodgier edges of any metropolis. In the rain.

“Immigrants” is taken from Sophie Lillienne’s EP of the same name which serves as a free teaser of the third album for the project which will drop next year via IRMA records titled The Fragile Idea. There are five tracks on the EP, but only “Immigrants” will feature on the new record.

Download the EP here.