Sound Design Tips For Game Writers

Sound and music have been important in video games for years. There are memorable pieces of sound that have been written such as the theme tunes to tracks such as Super Mario, but whether it’s the sound for a video game such as that, or even for a mobile game like Fruit Machine by mFortune, getting the sound right is vital, especially as it can provide cues for players during the game as well as enhancing the emotional aspects of gameplay.

Research sounds from other games

One of the first tips where sound design is concerned is to study other games. Check out how they use music and sound, when and why. After a while, it will become clear what works and what doesn’t, and then this information can be used to the advantage of what game the designer is working on. In many ways, getting to grips with the audio is as important as getting the game mechanics right.

Support the gameplay

The gameplay and audio should go hand in hand, regardless of what type of game it is. So, the music and sounds should accurately reflect what’s going on in the game at the specific time and the mood of the player. However, while audio is important, the gameplay does take precedent, and there can be a stripped back approach to the sound that will still allow the gameplay to flourish. Gameplay is what delivers the gaming experience after all, so it should always be the priority.

The audio should blend well

You could divide a game’s audio into two parts. There is the music of the game which features songs you’d expect to find on the official soundtrack and there are sound effects such as the wind blowing through the trees. While the two parts are different and will have different teams working on them, it is imperative they blend well together. Striking the balance could help to create a memorable audio experience for all the right reasons, which will help the game to flourish.

Immerse yourself in sound

As a game writer, it’s vital that you know plenty about sound. This could mean spending time really exploring sound, how it works, and really studying what kind of impact it can have on games and gamers. Ideally, everyone who has something to do with game development will have knowledge about sound, allowing them to communicate on a good level with those responsible for creating and implementing it within games. This will also help to get the sound and music just as everyone would like too.

Include sound early

Game writers should always ensure that audio is used as early in the project as possible. This can be beneficial in several ways, with it being a great source of inspiration as the game is being developed, enhancing the performance of those involved. With sound playing a key part in a game, involving it early can allow it to be modified and tweaked along the way if necessary, helping to create the perfect game.