Split 7″ on Gerry Loves Records

Gerry Loves Split 7

Here’s a good news story brought about by the great work of Edinburgh’s Gerry Loves Records label. It’s a story in three parts and each part sprouts more and more good news, kinda like Gremlins but without the need for water.

Part One – Gerry Loves have released a 7″ single featuring Poor Things, Pinact (read our fairly recent interview with them here), Sharptooth and Halfrican. So really that’s four bits of good news.

Part Two – To celebrate the launch of this single there are launch parties in Edinburgh (26th June) and Glasgow (27th June). See below for more details. That’s two more bits of good news.

Part Three – The product itself is a beauty. 7″ on gorgeous white vinyl, hand numbered, download code included, an insert and even a wee sticker. Labels that make this much effort on their product make my eyes fill with tears of joy. I’m losing count of how much good news that is….

There’s more of course. The music itself is worth way more than you’re being asked to pay for it. Poor Things impress with their smooth guitar fuzz, Pinact are great as always with their melodic grunge rock, Sharptooth spit and snarl brilliantly and Halfrican are, as the song says, Down to Fuck. Have a listen to each of these excellent bands right here but DON’T use that as an excuse to not buy this record. There is no excuse.

Poor Things / Pinact / Sharpooth / Halfrican Split 7″ is out now on Gerry Loves Records. Buy it here.

Launch show in Edinburgh is Fri 26th June at Banshee Labyrinth (Tickets)
Launch show in Glasgow is Saturday 27th June at Old Hairdresser’s (TTickets)

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