Spoken word: Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf & Be Softly new track tackling opioid crisis in US

Be Softly

New album Unfinished Apology Letters now.

Direct and raw, Unfinished Apology Letters is the result of a two year collaboration between Zoë Blair-Schlagenhauf and the art collectives/record label Be Softly. First things first, this is not an easy listen. Blair-Schlagenhauf’s words are direct and painful. On this album she recites short poems of such vulnerability that one cannot help but be mesmerised from the opening syllable. Backed by simple instrumentation, a stand out track is ‘best friend’s vomit’. Tackling the opioid crisis in America it begins with the line “Come home to my best friend’s vomit in my bedroom/clean up because it makes sense to”. It doesn’t let up after that. Heartbreaking.

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