Spotify Create Stranger Things Playlist – Listen Here

stranger things playlist

You Can Watch Stranger Things  On Netflix. Obviously.

Overblown can’t believe no one thought of it before. It seems so obvious. Basically, grab some ideas from two paragons of 1980’s aesthetic (Stephen Spielberg and Stephen King) and meld them into one stellar mind bending TV show. We kind of feel like idiots for not thinking this up ourselves. In case you’ve spent the last week or so under a rock, Netflix has hit paydirt once again with their horror/thriller/drama TV series Stranger Things which is set in the 80’s and nostalgic as fuck. Most impressively, the show plays like it was made in the 80’s but has modern production values rather the other way round. Which would just be terrible.

As it is set in 1983, the show has an absolutely banging soundtrack as you can imagine. Spotify have duly created a playlist of the tracks that feature. Personally, Overblown has had ‘Africa’ by Toto on repeat. The 80’s. A golden age of pop. Listen below.

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