Spudgun’s Exciting List of Bands and Things in Ireland


New track ‘Someone’s Birthday’ is out now.

Words I would not use to describe Dublin post-punks Spudgun: bland, ordinary, beige, boring, predictable, redundant.

Words I would use to describe Dublin post-punks Spudgun: theatrical, idiosyncratic, confrontational, imposing, unnerving, bizarre.

To celebrate the release of the video (is that a tardigrade?) for their latest single ‘Someone’s Birthday’, we spoke to the band about their favourite musicians from Ireland. Savage list. Impeccable taste.


We arrived on Earth two years ago expecting little, unaware of its creative oozes. We were saturated and became almost incontinent in the presence of Dublin City.

1Tongue Bundle

One the first Irish bands to loosen our sphincter was Tongue Bundle. They perform a carousel of sick & twisted jazz-funk that one falls into and leaves injured. They also mutilated themselves into an electronic album last year, entirely sampled from their debut release, which is terrifying.

2Tribal Dance

Present day… Tribal Dance have a divergent, noise-laden and meandering dance that tastes nothing like a calculator and feels exactly like having friends.

3Jennifer Evans

Jennifer Evans appears to be the most confusing Irish artist we have come across. Her debut album ‘Works from the Dip & Foul’ is something beautiful, intricate and full-o-magic. Why haven’t you heard it? Why!?

4Vernon Jane

Vernon Jane are an unreal band from Dublin with a lot of fury in their collective soul. Tastiest melodic ideas with bags and bags of the sweetest and hardest hitting grooves, there’s a truly powerful whack off of them. Their live show is immaculate.


Meltybrains? sounds, shows and lives have gotten into us deep and wide. One of their machine wizards, Brian Dillon manipulates soaring waves of sonic bliss often using a Kinect and a series of gesticulations, and another one of their members, Dunny is hot on the trail of a massive solo career in Japan, performed with a keyed piece of antique furniture.


We also love IRELAND. They are the post-traumatic improv band led by drummer, William Whyte and bassist, Sean Maynard Smith. They collaborate and exist within a polyamorous improv scene in Dublin that we have found ourselves rolling around in quite a bit. Awkward glances to Shane Dec Leir, Slapping Boys Bottoms, Fuck Ensemble, Betapuss and Schindler’s Fist.

7This Side Up

In the Hip-Hop, This Side Up are Sligo-based boys oh so really in the Hip-Hop. Rusangano Family are repeatedly leaping into the Hip-Hop and Kojaque is drowning in Hip-Hop.


Wastefellow is our favourite beetroot farmer and electronic wonder boy in the livelier haze plume of Ireland. His live performances often incorporate an incredibly hypnotic plexiglass mask and a feverishly competent jazz drummer. He’s got a beautiful singing voice too.

9Simon Bird

For the stranger side of electronic music, look no further than Simon Bird. He has most complicated synthesizer setup in the country and his compositions are incredible in their complexity and TEXTURAL DEPTH.


Dowry (Ena Brennan) is a multiinstrumentalistsongwritercomposer and is class at the violin, she’s joined us on a few of our musical journeys (Someone’s Birthday) and is fiercely impressive as an improviser. Her first single “In É” is a gorgeous mutli-layered fragment of elegance that she did in one take.

P.S. If you have heard Jennifer Evans’ album you’ll know it’s lovely and can disregard our previous inquiry.

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