Star Tropics – ‘Another Sunny Day’ | Overblown Video Premiere

New album Lost World out July 7th via Shelflife Records.

You know when you’ve had a super shitty day? You’ve spilled your coffee all over your shirt, locked yourself out of the car and the house, and also managed to piss off those closest to you. Yep. One of those. I recommend next time that happens you have a listen to Chicago jangle pop aficionados Star Tropics.

Their latest single, ‘Another Sunny Day’ (named for the Sarah Records band of the same name), is simply dripping with charming melodies and endearingly lo-fi major chords. Possessing a bouyancy that Robert Smith used to pull off with ease, the track sways and sweeps through its three and a half minute running time with a gentle underlying fuzz but mainly a lovely jangle.

The video is equally off the cuff. Filmed in a Ukrainian village with friend of the band Matthew Elliot Allen, the clip sees the band playing the song in a variety of random rooms and stairwells amid shots of the rather picturesque town.

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