Stay South: California electro-pop with a difference

stay south

Stay South will be releasing her debut EP on March 17th via Make Anything Records.

There are a lot of couplets in the world that, on first glance, make very little sense; peanut butter and jelly, cold nights and short skirts, high drug use and good motivation, late nights and early mornings, alternative and pop.

An odd pairing doesn’t necessarily mean that the duet won’t work. Whilst pop and alternative have often been diametric opposites in music-world, one the very essence of counter-culture and artistic rebellion, the other the bland, blancmange-filled term for lowest common denominator. Stay South (aka. Stacey Park), a Canadian based singer-songwriter based out of southern California, proves that a fusion of pop and alternative needn’t be an nonsensical oxymoron.

‘Waves’ – the eclectic debut single from the singer-songwriter – is a prime example of how the two worlds can meet to form what we call ‘alt-pop’, a sound that doesn’t shirk it’s responsibility to melody and broadness, but without sacrificing it’s eccentricity and style. With sharp, contemporary hip hop beats, layered on lashings of R&B, topped off with what can only be described as generous helpings of indie-electro, ‘Waves’ is a track whose clean and crisp quality shines through from the first few seconds.

Give ‘Waves’ a listen below:

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