Stay Voiceless: New Band of the Day #251

stay voiceless

Stay Voiceless’ debut album Lies To Tell Your Children is out on 7th August via GMC.

Who: Chris Morgan (guitars/vocals), Andrew Edwards (bass) and Cerys Bennett (drums).

What: Alternative rock/post-grunge.

Where: Cardiff, Wales.

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Why: Here we have a post-grunge Welsh trio called Stay Voiceless with a sound not unlike Nirvana (remember them?). But, you see, they’re really good at it. Having said that, instead of having Kurt Cobain for a singer, these folks have a young gentleman, called Chris Morgan, who kind of sounds like Walter Schreifels of Quicksand and Rival Schools fame. You follow?

Check out ‘I Am A Weight’ below. Nevermind worthy riff right? Actually, it might be quite close to ‘Rape Me’. So more like In Utero with Nevermind’s production. It is the first single from the group’s upcoming debut album Lies To Tell Your Children. I, for one, think it is excellent craic. Keep an ear peeled for that record.

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