The Stevenson Ranch Davidians – ‘Amerikana’ | Overblown Album Premiere

The Stevenson Ranch Dividians

Amerikana is out June 9th via Picture In My Ear Records.

There’s something gloriously druggy and paranoid about the latest release from psychedelic rock-folk-Americana group The Stevenson Ranch Davidians. Exploring themes of social control, the human spirit, and spirituality, the album can seem pretty fiery and negative in places. Having said this, the record is undercut with a positivity that aims to bring the glory of the human experience to light. It is also about human resilience and refusal to lay down in the face of insurmountable odds. An album that is equally sad and beautiful.

The Stevenson Ranch Davidians
The Stevenson Ranch Davidians.

The lead track ‘Wack Magick’ is a wonderful example of this. There’s a tension in the track that means it would be very well suited for the climactic scene in a Scorcese movie. This is what plays when the plan goes to shit. ”Wack Magick is basically about the use of mysticism as a tool for social control. It’s about occultism, mind control, secret societies, hallucinogenic drugs, etc., all of which have been utilized by the predatory elite to mystify the minds of the masses,” says Dwayne Seagraves.

‘Love Is A Big Light’ is a personal favourite. With a gently strummed and trebly country guitar, a simple structure, and an earnest vocal, the track is one that tugs at the heart strings while leading the listener on a reflective and world weary walk.

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