Submotion Orchestra – City Lights – Play It Again, Sam

Submotion Orchestra - City Lights

Live Electronica

What to say about Submotion Orchestra? They describe themselves as live electronica. Which is a bit of an oxymoron, but quite fitting at the same time. The Leeds seven piece’s 2011 debut album Finest Hour was one of the most impressive releases of that year. It combined deep groove led songs with jazz and electronica flourishes. Over the top of this, Ruby Wood’s seductive, beautiful vocals tied the whole package together into a focused entity.

In 2014, they have returned with the first release from their third album, ALIUM. It regularly boggles my mind when a band decides to release the album title and it’s all in capital letters. Who knows what the intention is. As far as we can tell here at Overblown, alium doesn’t mean anything. However, allium (two ls) is the name of the onion genus. Who knows what that’s got to do with anything. Anyway, the first single from Submotion’s third album is called “City Lights”, and is quite the humdinger. Evoking imagery of walking empty city roads late at night, the song celebrates isolation. Paradoxically the song itself is warm, upbeat and rather catchy.

Check out some tour dates below:

August 8 – Beacons Festival, Skipton, England
August 9 – Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire, England
August 15 – Satta Outside Festival, Pape, Latvia
August 16 – Pukklepop, Hasselt, Belgium
August 21 – Wonderfestiwall, Allinge, Denmark
August 30 – Lodestar Festival, Cambridge, England
September 3 – Outlook Festival, Pula, Croatia
November 8 – Gorilla, Manchester, England
November 12 – Hare & Hounds, Birmingham, England
November 13 – Trinity, Bristol, England
November 14 – The Forum, London, England
November 15 – Concorde 2, Brighton, England
December 6 – Brudenall Social Club, Leeds, England

“City Lights” will be released on August 11 and the album ALIUM will be released on November 3 via Counter Records.

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