Sun Rose – ‘Smirk’ | Overblown Track Premiere

Sun Rose, who are signed to Last Night From Glasgow, release their new song ‘Smirk’ accompanied by a video which contains images of members of LNFG after the band asked them to send random face snaps. Take a look and a listen and hear what the guys have to say to some dopey questions.

Overblown: What’s the dream? To be a band with a cult following or world domination / the Subo effect?

GW – I’d love a cult following. I guess we can achieve a cult following if we don’t look like we’re trying to achieve a cult following? Or if we look like we’re trying to be rock stars then we’ll end up having a cult following if we fail spectacularly on all fronts…hmm, maybe best to not think about it too much and just play on…

AK – I’d say any musician would like to find an audience for their music. It’s safe to say we don’t harbour any megalomanic ambitions…

O: Any plans for any live gigs? Is it something you enjoyed doing in the past? What about festivals?

GW – I love festivals, and I don’t go to enough of them these days. So I’d love to do festival gigs – you get to go the festival and you’re kinda giving something back to the musical community.

AK – we are still working on the live show but I’m pretty excited about it.

O: If you could plan your own festival what would your ultimate line up be?

GW – My favourite festivals down the years have had this pattern of starting fairly intense and then become more chilled as they go on, but have always remained euphoric throughout. Something like this (one stage)

Friday evening – Todd Terje, Four Tet, Caribou, Aphex Twin (playing the whole of Selected Ambient Works 85-92)

Saturday evening – Tame Impala, Beach House, War On Drugs, Smashing Pumpkins (original lineup or nothing)

Sunday evening – Boards of Canada, Sigur Ros, Durutti Column, Cocteau Twins, My Bloody Valentine

AK – Gus has covered a lot of bases there. I recently saw Chic at Kelvingrove band stand – such an amazing live show. Would be great if Nile was up for headlining… could we get Talking Heads as well?

O: I hear the path to making the album wasn’t that straight forward; would you do it differently if you could or is it this path that has made it what it is?

GW – I think the latter is true. We’re definitely a group who has assembled themselves inorganically if that makes sense – we didn’t bond over culture, aesthetics and philosophy before making music – that all came after. Albert basically phoned me one day saying he was forming a band and they were looking for a keyboard player – I said okay and that was it really.

This is the position we’ve found ourselves in – I like to think we’re different but we balance each other out. I think that comes across in the album.

AK – I agree. This album nearly never got made! Although myself and Calum started the songwriting process, Gus was crucial in realising the finished article. I’m glad it came together the way it did.

O: What are your hopes for the album? What inspires your music, is it a thought or a feeling that then leads to a track being produced?

GW – I’d love it if someone listened to it and enjoyed it! We’ve spent long enough on it…

I think you’re better to ask Calum and Albert this because they were the initiators of the project – all I did was add way too many keyboard parts and destroy their arrangements.

AK – this album was definitely more about “feelings”. Most of the songs started out as rough recordings of extended jamming sessions. We then let songs emerge out of them.

O: Which band would you most like to go on the run with?

GW – Band on the run – Wings? Pink Floyd? Not sure I understand…

(if you mean go on tour with, I’m gonna say Kraftwerk. I wanna see what they’re doing behind those desks.)

AK – the guys in Chic looked like they were having a pretty good time…

O: Do you ever hear a song on the radio and think, “That was nearly good if they had just done this or that…..”?

GW – I’m not as big a radio listener as I used to be (streaming has kinda taken over) but I probably should get back on it as it’s a great way of discovering new artists

AK – I think top 40 tracks are so squashed/overloud and often over bright. I do appreciate a pop hook though.

O: Smirk and the accompanying video have just been released; there seems to be heaps of layers to the track which is kind of reflected in the video, was that the intention?

GW – Yeah the heaps of layers is a kind of running theme throughout the album (for better or worse). The video though was really Sweeney’s interpretation of the track – he floated an idea that we ended up warming to.

AK – hats off to Sweeney for the video! We have no talents in that department.

O: It’s an upbeat track which when I was listening to it made me think that if Rocky was training now (as a young man, not as in Rocky 6) that instead of Eye of The Tiger that Smirk would be a good running song, do you agree? Also do you agree that Rocky 5 was the worst! Tommy Gunn, really!!??

GW – I’m gonna be awkward here and say that I never consciously watched Rocky when I was younger (I feel like I’m gonna seriously alienate myself for revealing that) – that is to say it was probably on at one point, but I was looking at a Times Atlas of the World or something. I can say the same about a handful of classic films for that matter, there was very little that could hold my attention!

(just in case you’re worried I have seen all Star Wars films)

AK – I’ve never seen Rocky 5 but I can confirm that Rocky 4 has the best training montage, thanks to a YouTube comparison I recently saw.

I like a right good game of would you rather so to stop my set of questions being uninspired or boring I’m gonna hit you up with this now. (Also please note that there are no in-betweens it’s one or the other, tis in the name)

O: Would you rather have your music used in an advert or have a song covered by an artist you detest?

GW – advert

AK – advert

O: If you could go back in time would you rather play CBGB’s or The Cavern Club?

GW – cbgbs

AK – cbgbs

O: Would you rather do a gig in front of school children or pensioners?

GW – Pensioners

AK – Pensioners

O: Would you rather be misquoted in Q Magazine or quoted correctly in The Sun?

GW – misquoted in q

AK – quoted correctly in the sun

O: Would you rather listen to Now That’s What I Call Music 1 or Now That’s What I Call Music # (whatever number the last one was??)

GW – Now 1

AK – Now 1

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