SUNFACE Interview: “I Kinda Shit Myself A Little Bit’

sunface interview

Self Titled Debut EP out 22 April. New Single ‘(In My Dreams) I Have It All’ Out 15 April.

By his own admittance SUNFACE is “an 18 year old boy writing and recording songs in my bedroom, dining room, and sometimes living room. never toilet.” This is as apt a way as any to describe the lo-fi dreamy bedroom pop that is SUNFACE’s modus operandi in that the tracks are wonderfully intimate, but not grossly so. We were lucky enough to grab a little time with the fella recently. It seems he hates capital letters and full stops. Oh well.

Overblown: How did SUNFACE begin?

SUNFACE: SUNFACE began when i decided that i wanted to officially release some garageband recordings under a name that wasn’t my actual name. i wanted to create some music that was more lo fi compared to the stuff my band TRASH have put out. originally i was going to call my self ‘SUN THING’ because i thought it would be funny if my bio was ‘dont worry, I’ve not left TRASH this is just SUN THING on the side’ but then realised that sucked and i wasn’t funny at all

O: You’ve had early success with your feature in DIY, plus some really encouraging streaming, when you’ve only just arrived. How does that feel?

S: it’s a great feeling. i record all these songs in my bedroom in a few hours so when i see huge publications talking about them i kinda shit myself a bit.

O: You’re a member of the band TRASH (who recently got played on Radio 1 I believe). What experience does that gift you with as a solo musician?

S: It just lets me do whatever i wanna do. it allows me to do all my own artwork, manage my own social media, record my own songs independently whenever i want and release them without anyone telling me to hold off

O: Explain your recording process, physically and mentally.

S: Recording SUNFACE is funny. i usually start with a drum loop in garageband and then record over that. sometimes i only have the first verse written before i start recording but it soon develops as i start playing leads parts over rhythm sections etc. vocals always come last and they’re always a ball ache to record. this is usual down to my macbook not being able to handle to amount of stuff in the project once i play it back. i dunno. maybe ill buy logic one day

O: Who are some of your favourite new artists around at the moment?

I’m loving day wave, beach fossils, oscar, and lake laugh at the minute

S: What are your plans for the immediate future?

release an ep and hopefully get signed by the same label as shania twain (mercury) then we’ll meet up and get mexican food

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