Taman Shud Unveil New LP, Share Title Track “Viper Smoke”

Taman Shud Unveil New LP, Share Title Track

If The Quietus are to be believed, Taman Shud is the sound of four office clerks clawing their way from existential stupor to freedom via the route of least resistance, and who are we to argue with The Quietus? If so, freedom seems to involve a lot more shouting than we expected, and boasts the kind of sound Arthur Brown may have made if held captive in the Butthole Surfers basement for a few years. None of that “lovechild of ______ and _______” here; it’s all about the kidnapping and forced detainment.

Heavier than heaven & twice as interesting, first cut and title track ‘Viper Smoke’ is a vortex of dark psychedelia. Its doom-laden grandeur suggests a Pharaoh could happily soundtrack his enemy’s execution with it, while the track’s latter half neatly dispatches all need for ceremony and brings the noise. It’s as claustrophobic as it is delirious, a manic grin of a track – if delusions of grandeur formed a band, it would probably sound a bit like this. Deeply unique, gloriously esoteric and playfully demonic, ‘Viper Smoke’ is one of the most ferociously compelling introductions to a new band in some time – we can only assume the rest of their upcoming LP will follow suit.

Viper Smoke is released through Trashmouth Records on Monday 19th January 2015.

The tracklisting of the 10-track album, produced by Liam D May and recorded at Trashmouth Studios, is as follows:

  1.  The Hissing Priest’s Remains
  2. The Ziggurat, A Mirage
  3. The Hex Inverted
  4. I Tego Del
  5. Viper Smoke
  6. Summon The Cursed, Curse The Summoner
  7.  Book Of Lies
  8. Crime Cycle
  9. Moonstruck Psychic Violence
  10. By The Smoke From Below The Lamp Is Kindled Above

They are playing a select handful of shows before the end of the year:


27th London The Finsbury with Thee MVPs

28th London 100 Club with Gallon Drunk


5th London Lexington with Part Chimp