Tape Runs Out – ‘Flowers’ (Overblown Premiere)

tape runs out flowers

The really is no way around it. Tape Runs Out are one of the most exciting bands to come out of Cambridge in recent years. If I’m wrong, leave a comment and set me straight. Over the last two years they’ve been traversing the English countryside engrossing, and mind blasting, as they go. March 30th saw the release of their debut double-A side single, ‘Friends/Flowers’, and Overblown is proud to be premiering ‘Flowers’, the more chilled of the two tracks right here.

Beginning with field recordings of seagulls and the seaside,’Flowers’ is a meditative and laid-back offering. Combining indie, shoegaze, dream-pop, and electronica, the track manages to be simultaneously melancholic and hopeful. In short, it’s pretty sweet, and reminds me of a dream-pop version of Scottish DIY folk king King Creosote’s critically acclaimed collaboration with Jon Hopkins, Diamond Mine.

Liam Goodrum-Bell, vocalist and guitarist with the group, had this to say about ‘Flowers’, “The song was written when I’d been spending a lot of time alone in my flat. I’d had this beat for a while but wasn’t sure what to do with it, then one day I wrote some lines for it, just small thoughts that summed up the kind of mood I was in. The first demo version is very electronic, and once the band was formed we reworked it into this final version. When we play it live it actually sounds closer to the original hip-hop influenced version than the studio one because of the beat we use.”

Listen to ‘Flowers’ below:

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