Tape Waves – I Can Tell – Play It Again, Sam

Tape Waves - I Can Tell

Night Time At The Beach

Close your eyes and imagine. It’s late at night, you’ve had a couple of beers and you’re a bit tipsy, but not drunk. The water is playfully lapping the shore. You’re fifteen, shy as fuck and, yet, you somehow find yourself walking on the beach with the boy/girl/person not defined by binary gender roles that makes you want to do the no pants dance. There’s a fire billowing peacefully at the edge of the beach on the grassy verge. It’s surrounded by your drunkenly belligerent friends. Someone has taken out an acoustic guitar and is playing “Fuck A Dog” by blink-182, but you can’t really hear it.

It’s pitch dark away from the fire, but it’s tremendously peaceful and calm. There’s a slight sea breeze but it’s not cold. You give the person your jacket anyway and walk further up along the beach. Finally you return to the crowd because you couldn’t muster up the gumption to make a move. This is what plays out in my head when I listen to “I Can Tell” by South Carolina based hazy dream-pop duo Tape Waves. Probably because I’m a sappy old git.

The song is wonderfully peaceful and effortlessly melodic. The picked guitar melody nustles into your ear comfortably like it’s always been there and without trying to beat the melody around your head and face. Kim Hart Weldin’s hazy, ethereal vocals float over the top of the warm, jangly guitar like a lie-low in a calm pool before they’ve turned on the wave machine. The song is taken from their debut album Let You Go which was released on the 28th July via Bleeding Gold Records and as you may have gathered, it’s pretty damn good.

I don’t know much about Weldin and her co-conspirator in the band, Jarod Weldin. So many questions. Are they siblings or married? They claim to know a great deal of vegan recipes. In that case, how do they feel about almond milk? I know my friend Cathy blooming hates the stuff and claims it is hipster crap. What are tape waves precisely?

I think I’m sleep deprived.

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Let You Go – Tape Waves