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Brutal Gluttonous Beast is available now on Bandcamp, Itunes, Spotify and most other digital stores.

Brutal is an entirely apt word to describe Ten Ton Slug, a filthy dirty, sludge/groove metal outfit from Galway. Their music is as unforgiving as it is unrelenting. Having said that, the group do manage to carve out an abundance of melodies and hooks from their powerful assault. After releasing a super raw and promising demo and heading over to the UK to play Bloodstock, the group have just dropped their debut EP Brutal Gluttonous Beast.

We caught up with the Slug, so they could take us through each of the tracks on the EP, touching on trolls, Christian peasants, and the legendary Old English poem Beowulf.

Brutal Gluttonous Beast

Ten Ton Slug has recently released its debut EP ‘Brutal Gluttonous Beast’, a 4 song slab of sludge and groove which clocks in at around 27 minutes. It is essentially the bogs and mountains of western Ireland which inspire the Slug, alongside Irish and European mythology and folktales. The beasts they detail and the misery and suffering which is experienced by humans at their hands forms the subject matter for most of the tracks. The Slug has a great appreciation for such horrors.

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1. Trollhunter

This song originates from jam sessions in a shed in the depths of Connemara where it took inspiration from the surrounding harsh landscape. After watching the film Troll Hunter lyrics started to form around the fact that the landscape basically looks like it is littered with the shattered fragments of slewn trolls. It occurred to us that these pieces are then used to build houses for protection, presumably from said trolls.

The lyrics themselves detail the plight of a bunch of Christian peasants long ago in a village being terrorised by trolls, doomed to death by virtue of their faith. At first they hide in stone huts at night to avoid being seen. Then, following immense bloodshed at the hands of bezerker trolls, they take matters into their own hands; levelling bridges and employing scorched earth tactics to raze the land and destroy their enemy.

2. Bloodburns

‘Bloodburns’ and ‘Subterranean’ were written separately, the former beginning as a few riffs written in Connemara and the latter a year or two later in Galway. They are usually performed live together and tell different parts of the same story. They portray the ideal world where the slug feels most at home.

‘Bloodburns’ focuses on an ill omen which brings about a great evil from the depths of the ocean, spreading fear and panic. It mixes a lot of elements typical of Ten Ton Slug, fast pummelling sections interspersed with slow heavy crushing sections which provide a fitting backdrop to Ronan’s demented shrieks and growls.

3. Subterranean

‘Subterranean’ deals with the aftermath once the great evil comes ashore to roam the land, bringing with it mass destruction. This song is a bit different from the others as it is not in 4/4 but in 6/8, giving the tune its signature drive and groove.

4. Unit

‘Unit’ is the last song of the EP. As it is the last song, it tells the tale of the last Unit of hunters and survivors who have been besieged by these aforementioned threats and decide to make their last stand, embarking on a doomed mission to save themselves. The mission ends with the annihilation of the final group of mortals, most die and those few who are maimed and survive lament their plight as they wait to die.

The song is probably one of the most dynamic we have written, as there are numerous breaks and builds within which lead to the final mercilessly heavy and brutal riff which closes the EP, and indeed most of our live sets. Grendel is also mentioned in this song which is a reference to the story of Beowulf, the topic our song “Godes Andsaca” off our demo, ‘Live at the Oaks’.

Ten Ton Slug upcoming gigs:

Tricky McGarrigles in Sligo on Saturday 5th November
The Phoenix in Coventry on the 12th November
Slly Longs in Galway on the 2nd December
‘Cleansing Lights’ festival near Munich in Germany on the 17th December.
And a short run of shows through the UK in early March 2017

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