Ten Ton Slug Interview: “Grendel Had It’s Arm Ripped Off. Such Tales Amuse The Slug”

ten ton slug interview

Debut EP Brutal Gluttonous Beast  Out This September.

Galway sludge/groove metal quintet Ten Ton Slug are absolutely ferocious. Make no mistake about that. Their debut release, a demo recorded live at The Oaks recording studio, has two tracks, is nearly 15 minutes long, and is absolutely unrelenting in its pursuance of enormous riffs and ferocity. Combining the doom and gloom of acts like Black Sabbath, the structural ambition of Neurosis, with just a touch of groove, TTS are a group of excellently raw promise.

Before their upcoming gig at Bloodstock Open Air the weekend after next, the group had a chin wag with us about the slug’s love of violent tales, the Siege of Limerick, and winning the Metal 2 The Masses Ireland competition.

Some tour dates:

Saturday 6th August @ Mad Hatter’s Inverness w/ Seed of Sorrow and Tiberius,

Monday 8th August @ Bannerman’s Bar, Edinburgh w/ Ramage Inc and A Ritual Spirit.

Saturday 13th August @ New Blood Stage, Bloodstock Open Air.

Overblown: Your sound is pretty unrelenting and ferocious. What and who influences that sound?

Ten Ton Slug: We are influenced by a range of bands, essentially a mix of anything and everything with great riffs and a groove. Corrosion of Conformity, Crowbar, Orange Goblin, Sabbath etc.

O: One of your tracks on your demo is called ‘Godes Andsaca’. What does that mean exactly? Where did the name come from?

TTS: ‘Godes Andsaca’ is Old English for ‘enemy of god’, one of many terms used to describe Grendel in the original text of Beowulf. The song follows the plot of Beowulf; the rise of a spiteful beast which brutally terrorised mortals, the pivotal conflict, and it’s demise alone in a dark swamp having had its arm ripped off in battle.

Such tales amuse the slug.

O: You played the Siege of Limerick earlier this year. Was that enjoyable? Was that your first time playing? Would you play again?

TTS: The Siege of Limerick is serious craic. It’s the biggest underground metal festival in Ireland, it’s free and it’s full of the best Irish metal bands around, being asked to play it was an honour. Bad Reputation do a great job and we’d love to play there again in the future.

O: You guys won the Metal 2 The Masses Ireland competition and will be playing Bloodstock in early August. How do you feel about that? Pretty happy I imagine.

TTS: It’s incredible. The competition had so many excellent bands that we didn’t expect to get through to the final, let alone win. Being chosen to play Bloodstock is an honour and we will fly the Irish metal flag. We’re hitting the UK in advance of the festival and playing Inverness and Edinburgh with fellow New Blood bands Ramage Inc and Seed of Sorrow in the run up to our performance on the Saturday of Bloodstock. We can’t wait.

O: Are there any bands you really want to check out at the festival?

TTS: Loads! Aside from the huge names like Slayer, Mastodon, Gojira etc., we can’t wait to see our fellow Irish sludge brothers Two Tales of Woe on the Jager stage on Friday, also Psykosis, the Crawling, Witch Tripper, Rabid Bitch of the North, Husk, Garganjua,the list goes on! We’ll be spending most of our time at the New Blood and Jager stages for the weekend.

O: You have plans to release an EP towards the end of summer. Any more details about that for us? Will ‘Bloodburns’ and ‘Godes Ansaca’ be on it?

TTS: The EP is called ‘Brutal Gluttonous Beast’ and will be out around the end of September. It’s 28 minutes long and will feature 4 tracks, one from the demo and 3 other heavy slabs of groove. One of these will be available to stream the week of Bloodstock, so keep an eye on our Facebook page for news.

O: Do you have any plans for gigs around then to promote the EP?

TTS: We have a number of gigs lined up for after Bloodstock through to Christmas which we’ll be announcing in due course, Galway, Dublin and a few other spots. We’ll definitely be gigging around the release of the EP and hopefully further afield again in the new year too. Many plans are afoot.

O: What are some Irish metal bands that our readers should absolutely check out?

TTS: That’s a tricky question as there are loads!

Na Cruithne
Two Tales of Woe
Weed Priest
Between the Lines
Twisted Wrath

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