Terrorista – Sean Drums (Overblown Premiere)

Terrorista - Sean Drums (Overblown Premiere)

When Overblown interviewed Toronto post-hardcore duo Terrorista late last month, they told us that one reason they chose the unusual tactic of releasing cassette tapes with two tracks apiece every few months was to engender more press coverage. Hey, in the modern noisy information saturated world you need every tactic you can muster. With interest growing with each release, the tactic seems to have worked. It has certainly kept my attention.

Today they share ‘Sean Drums’. It’s the second track from their upcoming Green Tape out 17th February and it’s premiering right here on Overblown. Green Tape is the third in a series of four tapes set for release, and it follows their Pink Tape and Purple Tape released late last year. Featuring Owen Buckland of fellow Toronto band Fuss, it marks the duo’s continued move from muscle to melody, bearing more resemblance to Dinosaur Jr or Bob Mould’s solo work than the more rambunctious tracks that appeared on their earlier tapes.

You can catch them live at a release show for the tape at The Central in Toronto on February 21st.

Terrorista Interview
The boys with ukulele and potted plant. As you do.

Rich, who either plays guitar or drums in the duo (I’m a crap journalist), says, “The song itself is a weird one for us. It’s pretty indie-rock, and we usually play harder/faster stuff. We asked Owen to sing on it and he ended up singing on both Green Tape songs. He’s a good friend of mine, and I love his band Fuss. Sean was our old bassist, and his leaving allowed Sam and I to finally do what we’ve been trying to do for many years. Nevertheless, I was pretty crushed when he left, and we almost stopped making music altogether. It all worked out in the end, and there are no hard feelings at all. The song name is a tribute to Sean and his old band Grids.”

Sam, who also does stuff in the band, adds, “When I started working night-shifts I was renting a house with a group of musicians at the northern limit of Toronto. In the summer, it was almost guaranteed they’d all be out in our giant backyard, listening to music and a couple of beers deep. Those guys are some of the best friends I’ll ever have. We used to throw shows at the house, and Terrorista played more than a few of them. The name “Sean Drums” is a play on the title of a song name by one of the housemate’s previous bands, Grids. Sean does not play drums.”

Have a listen to the first track to be released from Green Tape, ‘Dirty Smile’, below:

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