Terrorista Share ‘People Float’ feat. Outer Rooms

Collaborative Two Track Cassette Out September 4th Via Bandcamp.

For their latest endeavour, Toronto post-hardcore duo Terrorista have joined forces with fellow Toronto based lo-fi rockers Outer Rooms to create a collaborative two track cassette. ‘People Float’ is the first track to be released from the effort, which is scheduled for release on September 4th. Terrorista and Outer Rooms release Terror Rooms at Toronto’s Cameron House on September 4th, where they will play their first and only set as Terror Rooms.

‘People Float’ sees Terrorista expand on the lo-fi punk of their Colour Tape Compilation, to create a more ambitious sound, that is at once grounded and grand at the same time. Anyway, watch the video above, which consists of old footage from black and white movies, or listen to the track below via Soundcloud.

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