Terrorista Share ‘The Blue Tape’

terrorista the blue tape
The boys with ukulele and potted plant. As you do.

Toronto post-hardcore duo Terrorista have completed their cassette tape series with the release of their Blue Tape. Including the tracks ‘Prig’, and ‘Canvas’, the tape sees them continue to explore the possibilities of their lo-fi concise, but powerful sound. The Blue Tape follows three previous cassettes: Pink, Purple, and Green.

Opening track ‘Prig’ begins somewhat meditatively with minor guitar chords played behind a thin wall of fuzz. This is deceiving though as the track builds to a shouty and emotive climax. This is probably Terrorista at their most earnest.

‘Canvas’ follows quickly. With its near pop punk muted power chords, the track kind of sounds like The Offspring if they were playing in a warehouse and, well, not shit.

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