Tesla Coil’s 5 Current Favourite Live Acts

tesla coil

Check out Tesla Coil in support of HawkBastard and Wild Rocket this Saturday 7th October in An Spailpin Fanach in Cork.

A project of Gnod’s Paddy Shine, Tesla Coil is an ambient exploration of field recordings, found sounds, and plenty of drone. Soothing and yet eerie and a little disturbing, the project is one that is hypnotic and mesmerising. Tesla Coil are supporting HawkBastard and Wild Rocket this weekend in Cork and so we took the chance to ask Paddy what bands he has been enjoying live at the minute. Things got strange.

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1. Woven Skull


2. Water

Manchester based based gang of ladies bewitching, bewildering and cleansing souls at their live shows. Always with love.

(Notoriously internet averse apparently so no evidence! – Ed)

3. Guttersnipe

The ultimate power duo and beautiful people from Leeds way.

4. Wolf Eyes

The latest WE incarnation is pure vibin. Lots of people scratching their heads at the start of their shows and by the end licking the floor.

5. Locean

Free improv , poetry, noise, drama and pure as snow vibes from well established Manchester heads, they have a lot of music recorded but not released apart from a Tesla tape which is a mere taster of what these lot do. Always a heavy air when these perform live.

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