The 5 Best Noise Rock Albums of 2019 (So Far)


Pile – Green and Gray

On their seventh album, Boston noise rock quartet Pile continue to tinge their noise rock with alternative rock, indie rock, and post-hardcore. This is reflective noise rock. If that’s possible. Led by the idiosyncratic Rick Maguire, Pile continue to amaze. And they’re on Exploding in Sound Records. Check out ‘Firewood’ and enjoy yourself.

Show Me The Body – Dog Whistle

For their second album, New York’s Show Me The Body continue to fascinate with a sound that mixes noise rock, hip hop, and hardcore punk. Pretty much unlike anything out there today, their approach is one that can thrill and confound in equal measure. Want to know what they’re all about? Best place to start is with ‘Camp Orchestra’. What a jam.

black midi – Schlagenheim

Frantic, ferocious and fiery, London’s black midi bring it all to the table for debut album Schlagenheim. Experimenting with the classic noise rock blueprint, the quartet jam some math-rock and post-punk into their sound. Spellbinding from the first moment, their debut is so accomplished it sounds more like a band on their third album rather than their debut. And ‘953’. What an opener. Enjoy.

USA Nails – Life Cinema

What can you say about the new album from London’s USA Nails? This is brutal. But also deftly melodic and catchy. Twelve tracks of pummeling, furious, joyous noise. ‘Life Cinema’ is an apt title. This is a cinematic effort, that aims to build the scope of the band. Personally, I’m hot for ‘Creative Industries’. What a jam.

Trigger Cut – Buster

This is rock solid, up front, direct, old fashioned, vintage noise rock here from the German trio. Led by the dynamo that is Ralph Schaarschmidt, Trigger Cut pummel and chug their way through ten songs of ferocity, intensity, and fun. Start with ‘King of Inks’. Savage riff.