The Altered Hours Interview: “The last record was maybe a little careful. This one just goes boom.”

the altered hours

Keep an eye out for their upcoming EP.

On Sunday 29th October, Cork psych/shoegaze outfit The Altered Hours will play St. Luke’s in Cork City. A former church with unique acoustics, the gig offers a chance to hear the band in a way never possible before. Their spacious and expansive sound is one that could be exponetially multiplied by the venue. Undoubedtly, it will be an entirely unusual evening. One not to be missed.

We spoke to Kevin Terry (guitar) ahead of the gig about their upcoming release plans, how they plan to mix things up on Sunday, and what they want listeners to get out of their music.

Overblown: You’re playing St. Luke’s as part of the Jazz Weekend in Cork. It’s a unique venue that has wonderful acoustics. How do you plan to utilise those acoustics for your sound?

Kevin Terry: The tendency when playing in places with long reverb times is too slow things down and let the space speak… We will be doing that a bit but also the opposite. When we’ve performed in churches in the past, the contrast between too much and too little has been the thing that stands out for me.

If you play dynamically you can make it seem like the loud sections bleed into or engulf the quiet bits. It’s cool, you try this on your own someday in a church or cave or whatever: sing a tone and get progressively louder and then (as quickly as possible and without a pause) sing as quietly as you can. It will sound like there are two of you singing.

People have become very jaded about reverb but there was a time before plugins, delays, plates, springs, echo-chambers… For hundreds of years the only long, echoing, reverberant spaces most people had access to were churches and so the church had a monopoly on that kind of sound.

Overblown: It has been nearly two years since the release of your debut album. What is the plan for the follow-up?

Kevin Terry: We have an EP coming out soon. It’s very exciting music and I am very excited about it.

Overblown: Will it see a departure in your sound or a continuation?

Kevin Terry: Those kinds of things are for you to decide! We tried to make this music as immediate as possible, no trepidations. The last record was maybe a little careful whereas this one just goes boom.

We recorded it in Dublin last summer and mixed it in Cork City and county. In Heat Not Sorry was recorded a mixed in Berlin so there was a big difference in the psychic circumstances of their creation… I can hear it but your mileage may vary!

Overblown: You’ve organised a special treat for anyone who buys a ticket for the St. Luke’s show. Can you tell us a bit about that?

Kevin Terry: Everyone who goes to the show will get a download code for ‘1000 Years’. It’s a collection of songs, experiments, tape loops and a live recording. We’ve done something similar in the past with the ‘Outskirts’ EP… There are many ways to skin a cat, it’s good not to rely solely on the industry model for releasing music.

Overblown: I love the title of your debut album ‘In Heat Not Sorry’. Where did that title come from?

Kevin Terry: Elaine came up with that one and it just stuck. It brought all of the music together in a way that clicked with each of us so we ran with it. I think it must have already been there in that configuration of songs.

Overblown: What do you want people to get from your music?

Kevin Terry: Windows and doors

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