The Creative Process Podcast – Ep 7: Ufommamut


New album 8 is out on September 22nd.

Today’s guests on the Creative Process podcast are Italian doom metal power trio Ufomammut. We had a pretty in depth chat about the symbolism of the number 8 which is the title of their new album, their thoughts on fate, why they love synth so much, if they ever considered releasing albums that just consisted of their synth work, how their work as graphic artists influences their music, their DIY attitude, working with Steve Von Till and Neurot Recordings. Before we get started I’d like to thank the patrons of Overblown and the podcast, without whom this would not be possible.

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Show notes

The symbolism of the number ‘8’.
The Tower of Babel.
The universal human experience.
God is War‘ by All Pigs Must Die.
“Combination of past and future. Technology and human parts.”
“Have you ever considered releasing an album of just synths?”
Malleus Rock Art Lab.
“We love to take care of every aspect of our music”.
“We want to be surprised by ourselves.”

Music by Ealadha.

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