The Creative Process Podcast – Ep 8. Unsane


New album Sterilize is out September 29 via Southern Lord.

Today I’m talking to Chris Spencer from seminal noise rock outfit Unsane. I’m not gonna lie, we had a great chat. He’s sound. We touched on how record labels influenced Unsane’s sound, what he thinks of MTV, why they love gore so much, the multifaceted symbolism of blood, the inspiration the title of the new album ‘Sterilize’, the influence behind the lyrics for ‘Aberattion’ and ‘The Grind’, the unusual writing process for their new album, overcoming writer’s block, and what keeps him creating music after 30 years.

Before we get to that I’d like to thank you, the listeners of the podcast, and the patrons of Overblown. You keep the boat afloat. A special thank you goes to Rich Lehman who helped me come up with some of the questions to ask Chris.

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Unsane Show notes

“We didn’t want to deal with major labels.”
Richard Kern
Body Bomb.
“We don’t like the band, we don’t like the video” – MTV.
“It’s a sink for processing animals.”
The dichotomy of the symbolism of blood.
Growing up with AIDS being really relevant in your life.
“They’re definitely autobiographical.”
A new writing process for the new album.
Processes for dealing with writer’s block.
“I fucking love music. My life is trivial without music.”

Music by Ealadha.

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