The Creative Process Podcast – Ep 9: Cloud Nothings

cloud nothings

New album Life Without Sound is out now via Carpark Records.

Dylan from Cloud Nothings is with me today. We talked writing music, lyrics and working with John Congleton, Steve Albini, and John Goodmanson. We also touched on working with Nathan Williams from Wavves and where Dylan plans to take the Cloud Nothings sound next. Will it be pop or post punk? Things took a bit of a turn though and somehow we ended up talking about childhood, social media, and the benefits of personal music to teenagers. Thanks to Dylan for agreeing to be interviewed, and thanks to you for listening.

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Cloud Nothings Show notes

Cloud Nothings’ cover of ‘Clocks‘ by Coldplay for the AV Club.
More fleshed out and considered.
Writing process was more like early Cloud Nothings records.
“Either I’ll do things and think it’s great, or question things over and over and over and never get anything done.”
Collaboration vs. writing alone.
Why the move towards a more polished sound?
John Goodmanson.
John Congleton.
“I figured we’d just make it in my parents’ basement, but Steve Albini was a step up from that.”
“We recorded in a weird studio for the Congleton one.”
Why is there more focus on vocals, lyrics and melodies now?
“I wonder if someone accused the songs of being whiny and that stuck with me?”
Carl Rogers: “What is most personal is most universal.”
“I’ve been driving around where I grew up trying to think about it.”
What’s the future of Cloud Nothings?
“I do want to put out a record next year.”
Working with Nathan Williams of WAVVES.

Music by Ealadha.

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