The Ethical Debating Society – Cover Up (Overblown Track Premiere)

the ethical debating society cover up premiere

Debut Album New Sense  Out June 22nd Via London’s Oddbox Records

Everett True loves them. Maximum Rocknroll loves them. Joanna Gruesome loves them. They’re called The Ethical Debating Society, and if this were 1989, they’d be signed to Sub Pop, touring Europe out of a shitty van, smoking weed with Mudhoney, and making an avant-garde documentary about the whole trippy experience. I feel like I should ascend (or is that descend?) into some kind of Bruce Pavitt inspired sarcastic and gratuitous promotional rant, but I will attempt to restrain myself.

Here at Overblown, we’re pretty chuffed to be debuting the London based punk trio’s first single, ‘Cover Up’, from their upcoming debut album New Sense, which the band describe as, “A chance meeting on a dissecting table of Heideggerian ontology, environmental crisis and childhood memories of WIIIJA records”. I couldn’t agree more.

The group’s music encapsulates both the personal and political lyrically, and is wrapped in an acerbic, roughly lo-fi yet melodic musical package. This track in particular showcases the guitar and vocal interplay of band members Kris and Tegan, melding late seventies aggro punk with a more modern riot grrrl approach, while drummer Eli keeps the whole show roughly headed in the same direction.

Make sure you catch them on tour this summer. We’ll be guzzling beer and pogoing to them at Indietracks (they have an owl sanctuary!).

Spy their tour dates below:

June 23 @ The Hope & Ruin, Brighton
July 22 @ The Sebright Arms, London
July 24 @ Indietracks, Midland Railway Centre, Ripley

New Sense album artwork:

the ethical debating society cover up premiere

New Sense track-listing:

  1. childs play
  2. future imperfect
  3. creosote ideas
  4. mission creep
  5. exxxtreme vintage
  6. kill you last
  7. sum of my parts
  8. hobsons choice
  9. cover up
  10. list of requirements
  11. a440
  12. razor party
  13. riderrr
  14. disasters i’ve known and loved

Listen to ‘Future Imperfect’, which also features on New Sense, below.

Pre-order New Sense over at Bandcamp. The vinyl is limited to 500 copies and is in a glorious red hew.

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