The Leaf Library – ‘Asleep Between Stations’ (Overblown Track Premiere)

the leaf library asleep between stations premiere

Debut Album Daylight Visions  Was Released On Oct 30th Via wiaiwya.

When I lived just North of London I had a terrible habit of falling asleep on the train on my way home after a gig or a night out in The Lexington or The Shacklewell Arms. More than once I woke in Peterborough or Cambridge to my own chagrin, over fifty miles from home, low on cash, and with hours to wait until the next train. It seems that London outfit The Leaf Library have attempted to document this oddly peaceful experience on their latest track ‘Asleep Between Stations’, which we are delighted to premiere right here on Overblown.

The track is suitably dreamy for such subject matter, as it floats along in woozy waves of fuzzy guitar, washed out atmospheric vocals, heavy steel pedal drones, and closing sax lines that create the image of The Leaf Library as a kind of dream-pop version of The E Street Band. Like trains, there is something somewhat comforting and romantic about the song that seems to caress you as you listen with its truly beautiful group vocals and lilting nature. Lay back and let this reflective, nocturnal track wash through your ears. Drone pop at its finest.

“‘Asleep Between Stations’ is the sound of slowly waking on the morning commute as the day and edges of the city spread out before you, “says Matt Ashton, guitarist and song writer with the group. “The lyrics talk about the repetition and momentum of daily life, the inventory of the places around us and how it’s ok to sometimes leave them behind, slipping our moorings into sleep or dolefulness. The light that wakes us is whatever you want it to be!”

Listen to ‘Asleep Between Stations’ below.

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