The Parrots Interview: “We Can’t Wait To Go To Glasgow And Drink Buckfast”

Debut Album Los Niños Sin Miedo  Out August 26th Via Heavenly Recordings.

The description on Facebook for Madrid surf/garage rock trio The Parrots is simple: “We are your friends.” This could not be more accurate. Both live and on record, it basically sounds as if you’re out on the piss with some mates and they’ve somehow come across a guitar, bass, and drums and decided to on the spot record the most raucous, intoxicated version of surf rock that you could possibly imagine.

Take their most recent track ‘Let’s Do It Again’. Essentially, it sounds like your mate who is always, and I mean always, ready to go out. Even if he’s just come home. And he can’t speak. And he has no shoes. Guitars echo, drums pitter patter, while the bass goes for a walk. Over this, Diego Garcia half croons and half wails in what kind of sounds like Pete Doherty out with Shane MacGowan at 4am. Impressive.

They trio recently had a chat to us about their love of playing live, Silence of the Lambs, Glasgow, and Buckfast.

The Parrots tour dates:

25th London, Rough Trade East
26th Totnes, Sea Change Festival
28th Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
30th Reading, Purple Turtle
31st Southampton, Joiners

2nd Ramsgate, Music Hall
4th Glasgow, Broadcast
5th Leeds, Headrow House
6th Brighton, Concorde 2
7th London, The Victoria
9th Manchester, Ritz
10th Bristol, Start The Bus
11th London, On Blackheath Festival
12th Paris, Point FMR
14th Dijon, Peniche Cancale
15th Brussels, Madame Moustache
16th Rotterdam, V11
17th Amsterdam, Sugar Factory

15th Lisbon, Music Box

Overblown: Your debut album Los Niños Sin Miedo is coming out on August 26th via Heavenly Recordings. What drew you to work with them on the release?

The Parrots: They’re great people and they’re releasing lots of the stuff we love now, from Hooton Tennis Club to King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, so it was a really easy choice for us to join them. Plus they can keep up with us on a crazy night.

O: The producer for the record is Paco Loco. He also produced Hinds debut album Leave Me Alone. I know you’ve toured with and seem quite friendly with Hinds. Did they recommend him to you? What was it like working with him?

TP: Actually, Diego (Garcia – vocals/guitar) produced Hinds album and Paco recommended them recording with Diego as we’ve been good friends from a long time (he recorded most of our stuff). Working with him is always good and next time we go to a studio we would love to do it with him again.

O: You played a mammoth 14 shows at this year’s SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. What was that experience like?

TP: The most exhausting and satisfying thing ever, when we got back home from that trip we felt our brains were gonna melt and we don’t remember all of the shows clearly, but we hope this year we go back to Austin and play more shows. We felt like we were marathon runners and we still feel we can do more shows!

O: I saw you guys perform at the Shacklewell Arms in London last year. It was pretty unhinged. How do you maintain those performance levels night after night?

TP: We were born to play shows every night, we feel that we would go crazy if we had to do something else. For us it’s one of the most liberating things ever and we know that we would do the same thing even if there was no one in the room to see us.

O: You guys performed at Glastonbury earlier this summer. How did that go? Was it your first time?

TP: It was our first time at Glastonbury and we can’t wait to go back next year, the vibe was amazing and we already told everyone that if we play we wanna have that weekend free in order to get the whole festival experience.

O: One of your songs is called ‘Jame Gumb’. Jame Gumb is the antagonist from Silence of the Lambs. Why is the song named after that character?

TP: Diego had a really bad problem with sleep paralysis this year – “The feeling that someone could get into my room and watch me, use me, with me being conscious but unable to do something about it was very intense and I felt I had to write a song about it”. Plus we’re are also big fans of the movie so we just put the pieces together!

O: With more song titles like ‘EA Presley’ and ‘Windows 98’, it seems to me that you have quite an interest in computers. Is that what these tracks are about?

TP: ‘EA Presley’ is a song about the anxiety that creates the fact that most of the times we are always looking up to someone, trying to achieve goals and the bomb that you create in yourself when dealing with this and the fact that we want to have fun and enjoy life in a relaxed chill way. Pretty much like the dilemma that most superheroes have when they say they want to have a normal life. ‘Windows 98′ is a song about hiding behind computers and creating a false representation of yourself in order to feel more accepted – there’s more and more people doing this everyday. We don’t know what will happen when they see they’ve been trying to achieve some other peoples’ dreams rather than their own.

O: You have an upcoming tour of the UK on the way. Are there any places you are looking forward to visiting?

TP: We’re very excited about playing shows with King Gizzard, it feels great to be able to play with the bands we love, so pretty much we’re very excited about the whole tour, but we can’t wait to go to Glasgow and drink Buckfast.

O: What is your favourite album of 2016? Why?

TP: Songs for our Mothers by Fat White Family. Don’t really know why, the songs are great and that’s pretty much it, but it’s an album we can’t stop playing.

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