The Parrots Share ‘To The People…’, UK Tour Starts 24th May

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Full Title ‘To The People That Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here’

Lambeth’s Palma Violets spend their whole time on record trying too bloody hard, and failing miserably, to recapture the spirit of raucous, unhinged rockers like The Libertines and The Pogues but without, as Alanna McCardle of Joanna Gruesome put it in a recent piece for The Talkhouse, “the heart, hysteria, or mythology.”

Here’s Madrid’s The Parrots to show them how it’s done. On ‘To The People…’, their new track from debut EP Weed for the Parrots, surfy garage riffs intertwine with a luscious meandering bass-line, hazy drawling vocals and the atypical group singalong chorus. However, instead of sounding impotent and flabby like the Violets, The Parrots bring a sense of genuine tension, and ramshackle glory. Overblown saw them blow the roof off the Shacklewell Arms recently, and they were epic (full disclosure – I was about five rum and cokes deep at that stage).

Weed for the Parrots will be available via Luv Luv Luv Records on limited edition 10” vinyl on June 22nd. It is available digitally now.

Catch The Parrots live:

24th May – Manchester @ Fuel Cafe
25th May – Leeds @ Gold Sounds
26th May – Brighton @ Green Door Store
27th May – London @ 93 Feet East

EP Artwork:

the parrots to the people

Have another track from the EP:

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