The Phone Booth: New Band of the Day #264

the phone booth

The Phone Booth’s new song ‘Happier At Home’ is out now.

Who: Michael Easbey (vocals/guitar), Josh Blumenthal (bass), Ben Pecorari (drums) and Tony Pennington (guitar).

What: Slowcore/noise pop.

Where: Santa Barbara, California.

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Why: In many ways, slowcore is the ideal genre for a pandemic related lockdown. Reflective, hazy and sleepy it is a genre that very well represents the oddness and dream-like nature of lockdown. It seems that Californian slowcore quartet The Phone Booth have cottoned on to this with their latest track ‘Happier At Home’. A typically, Low-like slow-burning track that eventually crescendos gently towards the final minute of the song, lyrically it celebrates isolation in such lines as, “Embracing the stable life / I’m polishing shoes at night” and “Thought I was always missing something / Well I’m happier at home.” Have a listen below.

The band are also capable of more upbeat material as demonstrated on their debut album Roman, which was released in February of last year. That one was a mixture of noise-pop freakouts like ‘Swim in Oceans’ and more restrained numbers in the style of ‘Happier at Home’. We highly recommend.

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