The Seafloor Cinema – ‘I’m Still Sad’ | Track by Track

The Seafloor Cinema

I’m Still Sad is out now.

Hailing from Sacramento, California, math rock/emo quartet The Seafloor Cinema craft an intricate but direct brand of tuneage that is akin to American Football with hope. Melodies soar and emotions are explored while riffs wind and intermingle with each other beautifully and organically. It’s a melancholic but major chord exploration of loves won and lost, irony, and energy.

We had a chance recently to have a chat with Doug Andreasen from the band about sadness, technicality, and the inspiration behind their new EP.

I’m Still Sad

The title “I’m Still Sad” is sort of a callback to a phrase we used to throw around with our first release “I’m Sad Sometimes”. It’s essentially supposed to be an acceptance that it’s okay to be sad because everyone is sad sometimes. This new title is taking it a step further, kind of implying that things haven’t really gotten better, but through the music, you can find some kind of happiness, even if you’re still feeling sad deep down.

1Friendzoned Again

This is the first song we actually wrote together as a band. Justin, our bass player, didn’t tell us he could sing, so we were just going at it instrumentally. One rehearsal he asked us if we wanted to hear what he had in mind for vocals. When he started singing we just fell in love, and the song went through very little revision from the first time we heard it. The title is also supposed to be ironic, kind of poking fun at the idea of a guy thinking that all girls are evil when he’s really just a jerk.

2Superheavy Samurai

I wrote this song when I got our drummer to agree to jam with me. I was trying to write technical fingerstyle song initially, but it ended up evolving into something else. The vocals for this song didn’t even exist until about a month ago when we spent an entire night recording all the vocal parts so we could send it off to be mixed. The song features a spoken word part that I wrote the lyrics to, but I hate my speaking voice. Because of that, we had our good friend Nic Russell speak in place of me.

3This Is the End

This song is a fun one. It’s the first song that we wrote in a new tuning, FACGCE. We wrote it to be an instrumental, but we thought it might be fun to have our friend Nic sing on it. At the time this would have been the only song with vocals since we didn’t know that Justin could sing. Nic came over and wrote almost every vocal part in about an hour, and we ended up being really happy with it. Nic is such a great guy and a swell singer, and one of our best friends. It’s because of that reason that we were more than happy to let him sing an entire song with us.

4For Anyone Still Wondering

This song is probably my favourite. I wrote it when I was getting heavily into Tiny Moving Parts and Vasudeva. I also wrote the whole song in a very short span of time in comparison to the others. I think it describes us as a band really well. It also has a lot of my favourite guitar parts to play live. I think it offers a lot of energy and I think a lot of people can relate to the lyrical concept of being broken up with, but actually feeling happier than the person you were with after everything is said and done.

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