The Silhouette Era – ‘Recover’ (Overblown Video Premiere)

The band will celebrate ‘Recover’s release on May 18th at Brick & Mortar in San Francisco.

We’ve had about two days of nice weather so I we really must find a suitable song for the summer. With it’s glistening guitars, laid back rhythm and soaring chorus, a contender is certainly ‘Recover’ by San Franciscan dream pop quartet The Silhouette Era. Maybe it is the song title, but there is hint here of a summer hangover. You know what I’m talking about. Those days where you wake groggily and look out bleary eyed at the rising sun, and think to yourself that something refreshing like a swim could help you recover. Or alternatively, some hair of the dog.

The single was recorded by Jay Pellicci at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. The video, which you can stream above, was directed and produced by David Dutton.

Upcoming Shows

April 22nd // San Francisco, CA // Milk Bar
May 14th // Big Sur, CA // Fernwood Resort
May 18th // San Francisco, CA // Brick & Mortar
June 3rd // Portland, OR // Firkin Tavern
June 4th // Seattle, WA // Big BLDG Bash
August 27th // Monterey, CA // West End Celebration

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