The Veldt Interview: “Our songs are pretty but with thorns to the touch”

the veldt
Daniel Chavis of The Veldt.

Exclusive 7” release of The Veldt’s “Symmetry” set for Record Store Day via Schoolkids Records.

Shoegaze legends The Veldt are back wooing music lovers with their new single “Symmetry.” The soft and sensual melodies of the track are only topped by the equally though provoking and visually stunning video. And with the steady heartbeat rhythm and lulling vocals, The Veldt prove that they are still the masters of smooth sound.

Recently, Daniel Chavis of The Veldt answered a couple of questions about their most recent tour, their upcoming single release, and their soon to be re-released EP.

O.: I understand that you guys have been touring a lot lately. How was your tour with Phantogram?

D.C.: Yes, we embarked on a tour with Phantogram two weeks ago. It was a marriage made in heaven sound-wise. But the sad thing is we had to wait 30 years for them to become a band until we had this great chance. We also played a Flaming Lips after party right after that, but it was a small affair relative to what was happening with Phantogram. It was put on by our friends at The Pourhouse. I still need to post a recap of it.

O.: You were supposed to tour with Modern English, but now that has been postponed. What happened and when might that tour eventually happen now?

D.C.: The tour with Modern English was postponed because their guitarist fell seriously ill. They said it would be scheduled for later this year. However, we do have some in-store appearances coming up for Record Store Day in the Triangle area Schoolkids locations. (Note: The Triangle area refers to Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill).

O.: I understand that you also have a new single “Symmetry” which is set to release on Record Store Day 2017. What can you tell us about the track?

D.C.: “Symmetry” was written in Paris for a friend of mine, Jennifer Fien. She wasn’t in good spirits so I wrote it for her to cheer her up. It’s kind of a tongue-and-cheek tune to be honest. It sounds pretty but it’s a pretty morose pretence. A lot of our songs tend to be like that. A kind of “Rose Bush” category – pretty but with thorns to the touch. This 7” vinyl single will be released via Schoolkids Records, which has been actively expanding into more label activity. Our label-mates Bettie Serveert also have an album (‘Damaged Good’) coming out for Record Store Day.

O.: I read that “Symmetry” and the B-side track “Slow Grind” will be an exclusive 7” release, with the track not featured on your upcoming EP. Why did you choose to do this?

D.C.: The reason why we did this is because we have too many songs. We’re pretty prolific.

O.: Your EP The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation is set for release in June, correct? What can you tell us about it?

D.C.: Yes, the EP will be re-released in June. It was originally released last year on a small British label called Leonard Skully Records, but was not available in some markets and never was released on the regular digital sales platforms. So now it will be re-released on Schoolkids Records digitally, as well as on vinyl and CD.

O.: Well, it looks like 2017 will be busy for you guys. Any other plans that you can tell us about?

D.C.: For the most part, we will be beginning to support the Record Store Day release and the EP. We will also be doing more American dates and possibly some EU dates in September.

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