The Ways You’ll Improve Your Musical Ability

We all know that music has the power to make us feel certain kinds of ways. It can bring us down, and it can lift us. It can remind us of great memories from back in the day and make us smile; at other times, a particular chorus can remind us of someone and make our stomachs turn. It’s an odd but amazing thing.

The ability to be able to make beautiful sounds is something quite special, too. Pushing keys or strumming the strings in order to make another person feel a certain kind of way is something I think we’d all like to be able to do. The good thing is that it’s not rocket science and that everyone can do it. Everyone can become an expert. Good musicians are often seen as born with natural ability – not true.

Are you looking to start playing, or are you currently plateaued and frustrated with your progress? Well, don’t worry, you’re time will come if you keep at it. As we mentioned before, it’s not rocket science; it’s quite a basic skill, in all honesty! If you’re looking to improve your musical ability, have a little read of this.


It’s a boring thought, but constantly trying to get that chord or melody to sound perfect is pretty much the only way you’re going to master it. You can’t cheat the system; it gets conquered by perseverance. You’ll spend a good hour or so trying to get everything done correctly and probably get nowhere! But then you’ll try again the next day, and you’ll have slightly improved! It always seems to happen that way.

Know It’ll Take Time

You won’t pick up a guitar or sit down at a piano and immediately become great. You’ll start off absolutely terrible, and everything will sound hilarious. Then, guess what? The next day/week it’ll sound a little less ropey. And then the week after that it’ll be better. And so on. The most ‘talented’ musicians out there are those who worked at it for years – there’s no secret formula.


Within music, there are lots of different ways of playing. Music would be quite boring if there was just one solitary, binary way of doing things. Too keep things fresh and to improve your overall ability, you should try different ways of playing. Different genres have different sounds and thus, different techniques. Have a go at a bunch – you’ll see an improvement whilst enjoying a little change.

Record Yourself

Using your own ears is fine a lot of the time, but your ears can deceive you. What you might think is a perfect sequence could turn out to be slightly flawed when you have a different perspective. If you can use your smartphone to record stuff or you can record audio on Mac and use the various apps on there, then it would be good to track how you’re doing. Hearing it back again with having to concentrate whilst you play means you can analyze it a lot clearer.

Break Things Down

When you have a big section that you must learn, it can be quite overwhelming. The best thing to do in this instance is to break them down into little pieces and learn them individually. It might sound a bit weird and could be a little tedious, but it’s a great way of completing the entire bit.