The Yucks Interview : “We’d Ban All Music That Isn’t Schwifty”

the yucks interview

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The Yucks are a band that prove variety is the spice of life: based in cloudy Aberdeen on the east coast of Scotland but sounding as if they could call Philadelphia in the US their home, they can trace the origins of their membership all the way to Hastings and far-off Lithuania. Petulant, thrashy but with enough ‘kick ass’ to warrant never exposing your buttocks ever again, these slacker punks are a group for whom restraint and graciousness are foreign concepts. Don’t judge by the name – these guys are seriously tasty.

Overblown: How did it all get started?

The Yucks: Well, Jess (vocals, guitarist) met Marius (Bass, vocals) whilst working together at a bar in Aberdeen. Marius, straight off the bat, asked Jess if he played music and found out that they both wanted to create the same vibe. Marius and another colleague, Val (Ex drummer) are from Lithuania and were in this total thrash punk band together when they were at high school there. Val recently left the band and that’s when we got our new drummer, Scott, and now, here we are.

O: What’s the scene like in Aberdeen? (and does that rhyme?)

TY: That’s some killer rhymes dude. There used to be a major metal scene or something, but it kinda died. Lately, it’s been sick though. We’ve got a lot of mates doing some really cool things and it’s nice when it’s your buddies.

O: What would you say is the worst trait in someone wanting to be a musician?

TY: Doing it for any other reason than for the love of it.

O: How have you been influenced as a band, musically and also ethos-wise, by other artists?

TY: We just really like DIY as an ethos. Really stoked on what Dune Rats, Gnarwolves and FIDLAR are up to right now. Doing things like making music videos with their phones and stuff, just really getting stuck in with what they have. That’s a super cool attitude to have and it’s the most fun.

O: Do you have any issues close to your heart as musicians?

TY: One of our favourite local venues, ‘Downstairs’ had a neighbor move in recently and pretty soon after, they sent a noise complaint to the council. Long story, short; the venue is threatened with closure if it doesn’t meet certain guidelines with noise restrictions etc. It’s kind of a UK wide thing as well and there’s a whole big Internet thing about it and it would deffo mean a lot to us if you check it out.

O: Best and worst work you’ve done as a band? and why so?

TY: We used to write and play loads of really short, comedy songs. Which was a lot of fun but it never really had any substance and it got old pretty fast. Right now, we are working on some much, more melodic and diverse material. It pushes us a bit more as musicians and it’s way more exciting to create and play. Before we had our drummer swap, we hadn’t done much as a band for a few months and that was a great opportunity to write some songs and really explore what we do. It’s been pretty cool being forced to the re-work the band a bit since we got a new drummer. So, I guess that’s why it’s our best work and we’re pretty stoked on it.

O: If you had to isolate one track to summarise you as a band, what would it be?

TY: ‘I’m Bored’

O: You’re in total control of the music industry for an hour – and only an hour – but any rules you make are permanent. What do you do?

TY: We’d make all music into one genre, called Schmeckamella which is derivative of the Scatological a cappella movement from the Mesozoic Era. Then we’d ban all music that isn’t Schwifty.

O: What are your immediate and long term plans for the future?

TY: At the moment, we’re just pounding away at polishing off these songs with Scott. In the near future we’ll be releasing ‘I’m Bored’ as a single and we’ll be recording our second EP from this new stuff we’ve been working on. We’ll be creating a few videos and some merch to go along with that, which should be pretty cool because we’re artists and like playing with cameras and stuff so it’s just another outlet for us to do things we have fun doing. We also want to get back to gigging as soon as we can.

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