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Most Valuable Players is out now via Easy Action Records.

So this is it. London based garage rockers Thee MVPs have finally released their debut album. A compilation of out of press 45 songs, rare cuts, and their singles from their time on PNKSLM Recordings, the set marks the end of the first part of the group’s career, clearing the air and leaving room for brand new material in 2017. Showcasing the band’s raucous and rather vigorous manner with a melody, the record is an essential starting part to see exactly what is bloody marvelous about these guys.

We spoke to the band about the stories behind each of the songs that made the record. Let the good times roll.

Pick up the record via Easy Action Records.

Most Valuable Players

PLEASE NOTE: These songs were written and recorded in lineups that preceded Josefine and George being in the band. Though we aren’t ashamed or embarrassed by anything we have ever cut we are VERY PLEASED that these songs are finally getting the vinyl treatment so we can close the chapter on the first part of this band. So thanks to Easy Action for digging it and putting it out.

Secondly a special thanks to Dan Bishop, Josh Boulton and Jack Davis. Without their own brands of enthusiasm, abilities and contribution this band would still sound like shit on a tin roof.

1. Woman Is A Danger Cat

You guys ever seen FUBAR? The title is from a poem the main character Deaner writes… After I watched this I had a year long naff habit of calling girls boogie machines. This was the first song we learnt as a band, back when Alex played drums and there was only three of us. We rehearsed in the lounge of Dan our old bassist’s Dad’s house. Didn’t even have a PA (probably why the lyrics sound like I never heard them before…)

2. The Lurgy

The b side to danger cat, this has an intelligence/sic alps kinda thing going on with a weird swinging beats and echoed out lead lines (very ‘b-sidey’)

Written about the time loads of lumps appeared on my neck and head from being a little shithead and caning it too much after a less than stellar submission of my dissertation at university… I got a third…

3. Lully Poo Face

REAL DUMB lyrics here, Dan coined this term for people who still look way cute even when they have a moody face on. When I went to visit him in Philadelphia we had met two girls in a bar at a Ty Segall/White Fence show, both very cool and funny and they took us to a house party that influenced ‘Sauna Song’ (below) but one of them just didn’t want to lighten up.

4. Don’t Feel Bad Feel Rad

You’ve all been there, you’re heading home from an excellent trip away and you’re super bummed out about it. BUT the only reason you’re so down is because it was ‘that good’. This song tries to tell people that you got to keep on wigglin’ and look forward to the next trip instead of dwell on happier times from the past, everyone’s got to work/head home at some point, it’s normal.

5. A Song For Baron Willoughby

My man Brian Lee Hughes! An excellent bloke from LA who runs Castle Face Records with John Dwyer. I met him in London (he works all over the world shooting adverts) when I played in another group and he was stoked I knew more about his label than he did. The first material of us as a four piece. This number probably took the longest to write out of anything we ever wrote and we only played it like 4 times! Baron Willoughby is the name of the suite BLH stayed in when he was working here. I guess we all got that super gregarious friend in our own social circles, this is about that.

6. Wandwaver

On the contrary the b side to this single, took however long it takes to walk from the train station to my house to write. This number is about the time myself and Chris Hicks from Talons, a very funny man and my old house mate quit boozing it for a month then got RIGHT ON THE RUM after. One of them gross nights when it’s like someone waved a wand on you and you’re instantly way too trashed for your own good. The night ended with him running into a sainsbury’s shop shutter head first… He was unprovoked.

7. Gravesend Song

This song is about where I grew up and still live in, a little bit of a history lesson about myself and the town here and some sarcastic commentary. What is it with that weird pride that means you can talk smack about your town but no one else can? We were going for a strange boys thing here and the opening bassline sounds like one of the fills in My Generation (a triumph for Dan This is my personal favourite from this record, it has a real strong chorus and the end has some killer 4 part vocals.

8. Edgar

My man Edgar! He’s a Mexican guy I met at Burgerama a couple of years ago and we’ve been friends ever since. An incredibly nice guy with a huge heart who always goes out of his way to help other people, also shreds keys in Healing Gems. Playing air guitar solos with him to mac demarco live whilst fully trashed on all sorts is one of my fondest memories. This is a good pop number that’s kinda become ‘the hit’.

9. US Airways

This is our opus I think, much like when Minutemen wrote ‘The Anchor’ this is the first ‘long song’ we wrote and it’s also the oldest number we play. I reckon we’ve played this maybe 178 times of the 181 shows we’ve played? It’s about being nervous about flying. These days we do much more of a Hawkwind jam with it while recite biggie smalls freestyles, yea you heard me… Sounds way more terrible than it is, total jammer live.

10. Sauna Song/January

Ending it with the bangs! The first part was a crowd favourite for bloody ages, Charlie Mootheart from Ty Segall’s band dug it a bunch when we played our 8th ever show with them. It’s about when Dan got asked to have sex with a swinger’s wife in front of him out in Philadelphia… He walked out the place laughing (but not cuz he did anything) They seemed nice though, they gave him a tour of the house and a beer and a hit on the bong before they gave him an indecent proposal. All because he went out the front of a party for a smoke and they nearly piled into him on their motorbike!

The second half is this super basic riffer we sounded out back in the three piece days, the words are very silly and about how crap the weather is in January. Sing about whatcha know I s’pose! These track use to be our closers hence why they’re closing the LP.

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