Thrupence – Don’t You Mind – Play It Again, Sam

Thrupence - Don't You Mind

Like A Trip Hop Nat King Cole

Overblown is hooked from the first sample. We have no idea what it is, but it sounds like an old Nat King Cole song and dammit I just love Nat King Cole. The rest of the song is a mixture of samples of old standards in a kind of amalgamation of DJ Shadow circa Endtroducing and Moby circa Play. Mix all that together with some trip hop and you  might be somewhere remotely in the same stadium as where Thrupence is coming from. Except, honestly, that doesn’t really do it adequate justice.

Thrupence is an Australian musician, designer, and visual artist called Jack Vanzet. He has just signed with Future Classic and, with his new LP, or forth mixtape, Lessons out on September 26, it seems to be all coming up Milhouse for Vanzet at the moment.

If you can’t wait till then, you can check out his Voyages EP, which tore a new hole in Bandcamp when it was released just over two years ago. It’s the business.

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