Thumbhole Records Interview: “We get the bands out to the fans.”

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Things You Might Have Missed Vol 1 is out now.

Thumbhole Records aim to bring to the fore emerging punk/rock/alt artists. We can 100% get on board with this. One thing they’ve decided to do is release a series of compilations showcasing bands from around the world that are currently tearing the place up. These are obviously people after my own heart.

We wanted more details. So, we spoke to Dan Allman, owner of Thumbhole Records, about the comp, how he views rock in 2017, and where rock is going in the future.

Overblown: You’ve just released a compilation of punk, rock, and alternative rock called ‘Tracks You Might Have Missed Vol. 1’. What was the impetus behind putting the compilation together?

Dan Allman: I’ve been in a band myself (albeit years ago!) and we got to a certain stage but struggled to get likeminded fans to find us. We put the label together so that all the bands featuring on the compilations would essentially share each other’s fans, at the same time have a boost from the label promoting it too. All honesty it’s essentially ended up being 20 tracks that we like, and we hope that most people enjoy at least a few of the tracks on there, it’s sort of something for everyone’s rocky/punky tastes.

Overblown: Was it tough to confine the compilation to 20 tracks?

Dan Allman: Very tough. We had over 300 entries for this compilation! We listen to all the songs, a few times! And then it’s not just about picking “our favourite 20”. We try to make sure that the songs are similar but also unique so it’s not 20 of the same song. We want to keep the compilation semi-eclectic, but still linked to the punk rock vein!

Overblown: The name of your label is ‘Thumbhole Records’. What is a thumbhole????

Dan Allman: The label was originally called punkalicious records but we switched to thumbhole to stop people thinking it was just pure punk. Thumbhole is actually a long-running private joke. We were getting some CDs printed and the guy printing them had cropped them funny, and a key piece of the artwork was lost in the thumb hole of the CD. When we phoned up to explain what was wrong, he genuinely thought we were saying something about a bum hole. It was funny for us, so it kind of felt right to use it for the label name!

Overblown: What are your favourite three tracks on the comp?

Dan Allman: Oh that’s tough. They’re all great in different ways. Breaking Point by 5 Year Plan is an all-out pop-punk anthem, and you can never go wrong with a track that includes a key change! Techno Zombie by The Stiff Joints is a corker too, for any old school ska fans that want to have a jig, get on that. I really liked including Hollow Hearts track Paralysis on the compilation too. It’s a heavy one, but being a massive fan of the likes of Architects as well as the lighter side of rock, I wanted to get something a bit harder on here!

Overblown: What are your goals for the compilation?

Dan Allman: The ultimate goal is kind of split in two. One, we would love for a band featured on the compilation to get found through us – would be such an amazing story for us and obviously for them that this platform really works for getting bands noticed. And then secondly, it would be for us to be recognised up there as the “now that’s what I call music” for alternative bands that people can’t wait to come out. But obviously much cooler than how I just put it.

Overblown: What is your opinion of the modern rock music scene? Is rock the new jazz?

Dan Allman: I think nowadays you have to appreciate that there aren’t generic rock or punk fans. Most people have become music connoisseurs – because they can with music on tap from pretty much everywhere! I think it’s a shame to hear from a lot of bands that the actual live scene for upcoming bands isn’t all it used to be – and I suppose a little bit of what we want to do is re-excite people about these styles of music. We get the bands out to the fans, and it’s up to them to get off their butts and get down to support their local scenes!

Overblown: Apparently, plans are already in place for Vol 2. Any hints about it?

Dan Allman: Oh my god, we have already got some dead certs for the compilation. And they’re awesome. I can probably let you know that one of the bands is a kick-ass punk rock set from up north in the UK called Fair Do’s. these guys really know how to blend a good song together and really looking forward to working with them! They deserve some recognition! We have a ton of other artists from around the world lined up – and still a few weeks for any other bands out there to get involved!

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