Tombstones In Their Eyes – ‘Always There’ | Overblown Video Premiere

Photo by Karin Johansson.

New EP, Fear, to be released via Send Me Your Head Records.

This new EP from L.A. based rock quartet Tombstone In Their Eyes promises to be quite a motley crew of a listen. Drawing on influences from experimental stoner rock pioneers Kyuss to the neo psychedelia of Spaceman 3 and on to the thunderous druggy doom of Electric Wizard, it is set to be quite a rollercoaster over its five tracks. And that’s just fine by us.

Today, we’re premiering ‘Always There’ which mines a more space rock type vibe. Led by John Treanor’s wistful and otherworldly vocals, the track is a druggy and melancholic trip but counterbalanced with a soaring and hopeful chorus. A moody and elegiac listen, the tracks centre purpose is revealed in the chorus lyrics of, “I’ll take you anywhere / I don’t care / Always There.” A beautiful and reassuring sentiment of reliance and love.

Complementing this message is the gentle flange and fuzz of guitarist Josh Drew, replete with a glorious solo, and the sturdiness of Mike Mason on bass and Stephen Striegel on drums. The music has been specially designed to draw the listener outside into the world rather than encourage them back into their shell, as Treanor says, “Everybody goes through hard periods in their life, and I hope that these songs make them feel less alone.” A worthy endeavour.

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