Top 10 Casino Soundtracks

Whilst we can all argue about which is the best Nirvana album, when it comes to choosing the top ten casino anthems of all-time, then things get a little tougher. But here are ten tracks that could supercharge your gameplay next time you hit the online casino.

10Motörhead – Ace of Spades

OK so this one’s obvious, but Lemmy’s paean to the joys of gambling on card games has lost none of its visceral appeal 36 years after its initial release. You can get up to some of the same at

9Lady Gaga – Poker Face

Back when she was good, Lady Gaga leapt to the forefront of global pop culture with this dancefloor classic that used the card-game metaphor for all kinds of sexual innuendo.

8Gram Parsons – Ooh Las Vegas

The country rock icon has influenced everyone from Keith Richards to Ryan Adams and Elvis Costello, and it’s hard to beat his adrenaline-fuelled tribute to the global capital of gambling, Las Vegas.

7Rihanna – Russian Roulette

Whilst you’re not likely to find a game of Russian Roulette on an online casino site, the lyrical themes of chance and danger should help you enjoy all casino based games at Coral who even include a handy bonus for beginners.

6Bob Dylan – Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie

We all know that Bob Dylan was at his best when he was the young folk outlaw roaming the streets of New York. And his cover of Ramblin’ Gamblin’ Willie shows how he could reinterpret classic American songs to great effect.

5Rolling Stones – Tumbling Dice

Similarly, Rolling Stones were at their best in the early seventies when they recorded the classic album Exile on Main Street that contained this gambling classic, Tumbling Dice.

4ABBA – The Winner Takes It All

If you needed a further reminder of how gaming can deliver soaring highs and crushing lows, then check out ABBA’s heartbreak classic, The Winner Takes It All, that reminds you that although love is a game, it can be brutal.

3Townes Van Zandt – St John the Gambler

Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys is a famous fan of this country rock legend, who paid his own immortal homage to gambling culture with his 1969 classic St John the Gambler – perfect for those late night poker sessions.

2Frank Sinatra – Luck be a Lady

If you’re looking for the ultimate Vegas soundtrack, then it’s hard to beat Old Blue Eyes’ take on this classic from the musical Guys and Dolls.

1Elvis Presley – Viva Las Vegas

And finally, regardless of whether you’re at the online casino or in Sin City itself, then few anthems will get the blood going as fast as Elvis Presley’s classic tune Viva Las Vegas.