Top 5 Devo Tracks By So Pitted

Debut Album neo Out Now Via Sub Pop.

It’s hardly a surprise that freako punk trio So Pitted have a love for new wave legends Devo. Both enjoy angular, dissonant music and both sport odd head gear. Well that’s a guess that So Pitted do, but we are sure that it is an accurate assumption. Surely.

In fact, it turns out that Liam Downey, who switches between guitar and drums and also sings in So Pitted, is probably Devo’s biggest fan in Seattle. He sat down to have a chin wag with us about his absolutely favourite tracks by the Ohio quartet. You can see his list and listen to the tracks below! Check out So Pitted’s video for ‘holding the void/sickness’ above. You’ll find those tracks on their debut album.

One last thing, you should really catch So Pitted on tour this March.

Tour Dates
4 Paris, FR – Mecanique Ondulatoire
5 Amsterdam, NL – Butcher’s Tears
7 London – The Shacklewell Arms
8 Leeds – Brudenell Social Club (Games Room)
9 Brighton – The Green Door Store
10 Lille, FR – La Peniche
11 Brussells, BE – Homepluged
12 Berlin, DE – West Germany
15 – 20 Austin, TX – SXSW

5. ‘Swelling Itching Brain’ (Duty Now For The Future, 1979)

This song really makes you scratch your head and think. I really enjoy how the vocals match the rhythm when Mark repeats painful swelling brain, really fun to mimic this all day and think about what your brain physically does all day.

4. ‘Ono’ (Hardcore Volume 1, 1974-1977)

Had to pick a song that Gerald sings, and on the last hardcore devo tour in 2014 this was the standout song for me live. Gave me the rare feeling at the concert that the band needed me to run for my life, really love when the music itself does that.

3. ‘Don’t Shoot (I’m A Man)’ (Something For Everybody, 2010)

This I chose cuz it was the first devo song I ever saw performed live by the pioneers themselves. Couldn’t of been happier to be there but even happier to hear new devo at the time prior to the album release. This song is super intense and has the sickest bass line ever, proving to me that devo’s new stuff was the good stuff.


2. ‘Time Out For Fun’ (Oh, No! It’s Devo, 1982)

When I was younger my brother and I used to project this video on the wall and insert ourselves into the band line-up thus becoming part of devo. Somehow along the way we figured out we can play instruments too and are now in a band that’s a lot like devo. This song perfectly introduces the band and what it is. It is basically an instructional video on how to be devo, and the first instalment in the greatest new wave video trilogy ever made.


1. ‘Blow Up’ (Total Devo, 1988)

This song is nutzo! Everything about it is nutzo. The guitar is crazy, the keyboards are intense, and the vocals are downright dirty. This song had to be on my list simply because its gonna brighten up anyone’s day. It’s silly but also a very serious commentary on the male temper level.

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