Top Hip Hop Bangers of 2018: What to expect from the Industry?

Considering everything we’ve seen and heard in 2017, the year 2018 is definitely going to be massive for the whole hip-hop industry. And if some might not have liked the emerging trends in rap music, there’s no denial 2017 literally blessed the hip hop music.

Since the very beginning of 2017, the rap music was on tilt. We have watched a number of freshmen climbing on top of the charts and crashing the party with absolutely no regard. Lil Pump was the first to challenge all the standards of rap veterans with his absolutely hyped “Gucci Gang” still remaining trendy on the Hot 100. With award-winning releases from the real giants of the genre, rap artists including Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, and some others, the industry is already making big moves now.

Hip-hop is a genre that will likely continue to develop and flourish. Constantly adopting new features and setting the freshest trends, it is not just in a winning position – it is better than it has ever been.

So today ru brides suggests you take a look at our top 6 bangers to lead the hip hop culture in 2018.


The dude’s recent announcement of the upcoming studio album Culture II finds the Atlanta-born hip-hop trio facing a marketplace where everything sounds just like…Migos. The traditional hallmarks of Quavo & Co. sound, such as trap-influenced hi-hats and the signature flow – are simply everywhere now – from movie soundtracks to commercials. Plus, if guys decide to keep that sung/rap balance in their new stuff, featuring someone like Chris Brown, The Weeknd or Future – we’ll have a firm twist on the contemporary rap we used to enjoy in 2017.


In 2017, the state of Florida became a scene for a number of newcomers – a generation of SoundCloud rappers with Lil Pump and XXXTentacion rocking the public. Now Pump’s fellow rapper Smokepurpp is here along with his viral hit “Audi”. Like many other mumble rappers, Purpp’s instant success originated in SoundCloud, as “Audi” boast over 33 million listens on the service and prepared a steady bridgehead for his fresh project “Deadstar”.

Charged with bombastic production, Deadstar provides such groundbreaking highlights like “Ok” feat. Lil Pump and Lil Purpp having teamed up with Travis Scott for “Fingers Blue”. And exactly with Travis offering his guidance and the creative touch to Purpp’s career, the young star has every reason to break out in 2018.

4Cardi B

For those complaining about hip hop industry being occupied mostly by male rappers, Cardi B has come up with her root to success single the “Bodak Yellow”. And now all Cardi needs is a no less lit debut album in order to keep the momentum going. Although particular details about her highly anticipated studio recording are already wandering the Internet, the main intrigue is carefully kept in secret. That’s why Cardi B’s 2018 first studio album is so expected to finally see the world.

3A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky now spends some really qualitative time periodically teasing the fandom with his triumphant return along with a new album. Recently, Lord Flacko dropped a preview of his new track called “Gang” which appears to be presenting the new yet-untitled project. In an interview, Rocky opened up some info regarding his direction, saying that his upcoming project is about testing brand new sounds. Absolutely no doubt the member of the A$AP Mob always strives for experimenting, masterfully mixing hip-hop and electronic motives such as “Wild For The Night” featuring Skrillex and Birdy Nam Nam.”I don’t just rap, I actually make music.” – states Rocky. So, it would not be too surprising to see A$AP co-op with the representatives of other genres, opting for an experimental, melodic sound.


Recently publishing a number of singles, including “Outlet” and “Trap Phone”, it actually appears Desiigner is gearing up for a long run in the year 2018. Considering D’s entourage is mainly made up with an influence of rap perfectionists like Kanye and Pusha T, who definitely know something about gathering public’s attention before releasing the album. The young flexer has already revealed a bit of the recording process, with a caption “Wait for it! LOD (Life of Desiigner) going to be crazy!” Right after LOD, the artist has also promised to present the “New English 2.”

1Travis Scott

Having revealed the name of his upcoming studio album – “Astroworld,” Travis follows up with his recording to finally see the world in early 2018. While the details are extremely scarce, Scott has noted Mike Dean’s involvement in the recording process and stating that the true legend – Thom Yorke is his main influence. Well, to some extent. All in all, be expecting this one among this year’s loudest releases.